Top 10 Tips For Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite Battle Royale mode is taking the world of gamers by storm. It is currently one of the most densely populated games today. It is also one of the top choices by most streamers as well because it is Fast paced and set on a shrinking battlefield, Fortnite Battle Royale is a game of survival where the last man standing wins.

However, rising to the top is no simple feat. And there is a plethora of ways on getting there. However, there will always be the foundations of survival in the game.

  1. Always go for the most strategic landing choice. This depends on the flight route but always try to go and land in locations with a decent amount of resources but with minimal enemy contact.
  2. Practice enough to be flexible with all the weapons selections. The right tools make the job easier to do. And so does weapons. Using the right weapon for every situation improves your chance of winning the cross fire. However, most of the time, weapons with longer range have an advantage
  3. Familiarize with weapon fire modes. It is one thing to shoot, and it is another thing to make the hit. Some weapons have different fire modes that are designed to be more effective on different occasions. Commonly, long ranged fights are better done in single fire mode while mid to close ranged combats are better fought using bursts.
  4. Choose the most favorable route when traveling to go in the safe zone. As the playable area become smaller and is selected at random, there are cases where there is a need to mobilize to get into it. It could be tricky to make judgment instantaneously. However, more favorable paths are those with the least amount of advantageous areas for enemies.
  5. Focus on survival, not on kills. The goal of the game mode is to be the last player alive and not the one with most kills. It is understandable that going for the kill is always tempting. However, going for an unnecessary engagement often leads to revealing your location to more enemies which can target you.
  6. First secure the area before looting something. When scavenging for items and materials, there is always the chance that somebody deliberately left stuff out in the open and are waiting for an ambush. Players are most vulnerable when looting something since the attention is divided on deciding what to pick up and paying attention to surroundings.
  7. Build structures only when needed. Apart from consuming materials, an unnecessary structure is like a sore thumb that attracts attention. Unless this is set as a trap, avoid building large structures.
  8. Set traps but always be on the look-out for them. Trap setting is one of strategy that requires both creativity and logic. Refrain from setting obvious traps but always tread lightly because you might encounter a well-crafted one.
  9. Time things right. Finding the right time when to move or when to take the shot may prove to be a challenge. This could be a situation concept but it is generally improved through experience.
  10. Check and read updates. Gameplay updates are always part of game development. Browsing through patch notes will help you remain on top of things and not get left behind with the latest meta.

In summary, all these tips can be applied in every game. It might feel like multi-tasking at first, but consistency and proficiency in implementing these things take time in order to develop them into a habit. And once that happens, the difference in gameplay becomes highly observable.

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